Saturday, 2 January 2010

Quit Smoking

Being the begining of a new year if you are a smoker you are probably likely to have a new years resolution to Quit Smoking.

I have been a smoker twice now in my life, I am nearly 45 and beaten the addiction twice, this time I will not be conned into starting again.

I became a smoker late, I was 17 and at college, all my friends were doing it so I felt I should give it a go, I remember that first cigarette, it make me physically sick, do you remember being sick when you first smoked?

Undeterred I kept going, I was soon a 20 a day habit and was slowly affecting my health, 5 years later, by this time working full time in an office and I shared a house with my then boyfriend (soon to be Hubby) A budget so a significant rise in the cost of Cigarettes, my boyfriend decided both of us should quit smoking, I was reluctant to give up my habit but I went along with it.

First I gave up smoking in the house, I was still doing it at work, once I got confortable with that I takled the smoking at work and kept reducing the amount of cigarettes on a day to day basis.

I was soon a non smoker, 14 years I was free. Then a big change happened, my husband had an affair and I found myself with a new found social life, again I was amoung friends who all smoked and on a night out I took a cigarette from my friend.

I thought I could control it, I started out with smoking when I was on a night out, then the cigarette when the kids went to bed, before I knew it I was in the full blown grips of the smoking addiction again.

Some how I found quiting smoking a lot more difficult second time round, but I knew I had to, I had this compelling urge to quit smoking, I then found out I was pregnant, my new parter was a ex smoker, I think ex smokers are worse for there hatred of the dreaded weed.

He offered to pay for hypnosis to get me off cigarettes, I did go and do it but felt it just helped speed up the prosess, I had the want to quit smoking anyway and looking back after now being 7 years on I still would say the hypnosis was not what it was hyped up to be, I think I learned a harsh leason after being free from smoking for 14 years, like an achochlic should not drink a ex smoker should not take a cigarette, it only take 1 to get you back on the dowward spiral.

With us now having the internet there are far more options for someone who wants to stop smoking to go, do your research and find what is going to be right for you.

Good luck with your quest, I done it, my dad done it at 52, you can do it too!

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